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hello and welcome to addiction angling.com.

This is an angling resource site the aim is to centralize all the angling related information and other sites out there as we find them we will list them.

This will be an ongoing project and we will add alter and put as much information as we can find regard this as your favourites angling folder for all things angling related.

We have set it up like a forum so you will find the links you want to search for under each category like shore fishing lure fishing baits Google maps etc.

In a nut shell if there is fishy related internet sites out there we will link them in their respective categories, be sea, coarse,game,fly. trade lists tackle shop lists charter boat lists.

This will be ongoing updated added to as we find them so keep checking.

We hope you find this site a very useful angling resource .

We are building 2 new sites the mother of all angling links and fishing the dark side all the fishing marks on the Bristol channel Plus we have 3 Google maps under construction, these detailing the fishing marks around the Bristol channel, Devon, and Dorset.

Regards the admin team

Admin Team
Admin Team

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